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Wormate.io game is the new address of the slither.io lovers who love to control their snake and grow as much as you can. As you know slither.io was the combination of agar.io and old but good snake game. You can consider the wormate.io as the combination of the candy crash saga and slither.io where you are trying to collect candies on the map in order to grow rather than glowing orbs. However you will have some potions to collect which provide you special bonuses such as growth boost and speed boost.


Probably you are wondering whether is there any wormate mods on the internet. We have made our search on the internet yet couldn’t find a worth wormate.io mod to introduce or offer to you. All of the wormate.io bots available on the internet are not working properly and have huge lags in the servers. The absence of the wormax.io mods is due to the game lauched few days ago.

We believe that in time there will be lots of wormate.io mods which will allow us to take the advantage of different features in the game such as the wormate.io zoom hack that is quite essential for the game. It is a mystery why developers do not include this feature as a default since most of the players use wormate.io mods just for this feature.


The rest of the game mechanics is very similar with the slither.io apart from you can choose any of the skins you want without the need for sharing your score on your social media accounts. We are closely following the new wormate.io mods and we will share tham with you as soon as they will be launched.





  1. Nate Duong Reply

    I tried to get Wormate.io zoom mods, but I do not know how? please help!! Thanks.

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