Wormate.io Controls Guide for Beginners

A Detailed Wormate.io Control Guide

The wormate.io game is one of the best combinations of record holder games which are slither.io and the candy crash saga. It will be possible for you to have too much fun by playing this game however in the event that you are willing to start playing it you should firstly learn the wormate.io controls. In this article we will provide a brief information about the wormate.io controls which you can easily understand when you start to the game.

All you will have to do is using your mouse in order to provide directions to your worm. This is all about the wormate.io controls. Of course you will be also speed up once you collect some candies by holding the left button of your mouse. In this way you will go faster than usual however you will also burn some of the candies that you have just collected. This is why it will not be logical for you to go fast all the time since you will lose more points than you can collect. Use this feature when you will collect the remainings of other snakes


  1. What does the pink potion do? the sign that is shows is like a wiggle line!

    • Idk that is what I searched up and I found this website hoping it would tell me

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