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The New Wormateio Game Will Surprise You

Today we will introduce you a new game with the name of wormateio. This new game is the good combination of two addicted games which are and the candy crash saga. Both of these games still have millions of players in all around the world and none of them lost their popularity although it has been quite long since their first release.

You can ensure having a great time with wormateio game where you will control a snake who is trying to collect as much as candies on the map. Your goal is to rank number in the scoreboard by collecting as much as points and as you will collect points you will grow in size which will make you slower than the smaller snakes. However you need to pay attention to your opponents in wormateio who are real players just like you.

In the event that you will hit any other snake with your head you will be eliminated and all of the candies you ate will be remained in the place of your body. Collecting these candies will provide more points than other candies on the wormateio map. Once you will collect enough candies and reach to certain sizes you will be able to speed up by holding the left button of your mouse too but you will lose some of your parts while going fast.

Wormateio is becoming viral on the internet and in case you are looking for a game with lots of players to compete then you can easily prefer the wormateio game to play and spend some good time. Let us know what do you think about this good game called wormateio by leaving a comment to this article. So that other players will have an idea in advance.


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