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Even if it does not have a very unique controls and gameplay, game is known to be prefered much for less details it has. That’s what players would expect from a multiplayer game of course. With less details and uncomplicated gameplay, offers players an addictive online adventure, in which they will try to reach the highest score by eating the dots and the opponents around. But it is not easy as is sounds. You have to circle around an opponent and make it hit you in order to kill it, and then you have to eat its remains in order to get the points and grow.

Anyway, there are also several mods which have been developed in order just to make more fun of the game. Being added several hacks, mods really offers players a much more different experience, on the contrary, with more details this time. You can now search the web for several download options. Try to find a secure download link that will not attack you with malware. After you have reached such a download link, you will understand how much fun is to play.


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