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Play Game in Moded Servers

As you already know, is one of the fun onilne io games that are played by millions of people. And the number of the people who like playing and several others increase day by day. What caused this increase is the mods that the developers have created by adding some additional features and extras which means adding more details to the game in order to make more fun of it. These hacks such as zooming, extra skills, skins and more, are not cheats. All the players who are playing in the same moded servers have the same advantages and the additional features. So it is nothing but fun. 

If you have never played before, we reccomend you to play the original version of the It is always good to try different things and after you have played the original, you can find several mods on the web and enjoy the game with more detailed gameplay. Also, if you have any lag problems during the game, try to connect to a more stable internet connection. Local networks are much more stable than any other kinds of internet connections so find one. 


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