Best Hacks

Is There Any Hacks?

Most of the io players get used to take the advantage of the mods and hacks so much that they cannot think about a game without any cheats. But of course they have quite reasonable causes to play with these hacks since they do not provide any unfair advantage but some additional and useful features to everyone on the server.

This is the main reason why most of the wormate game players anticipate the hacks. Although there are no any hacks available on the internet few developers already began to create their own hacks and we guess that zoom hack will be the first hack that will be realased soon.

It is a big question mark that why io game developers do not provide the zoom feature in their games. Most of the io players need this feature and this is why they prefer to play on the private servers. hacks will be one of the most downloaded scripts soon due to the huge need to the zoom option. One of the other hacks that most of the players wait is the bots.

These bots will allow you to reach to specific size without the need of playing whenever you will be eliminated and start from the beginning. It is a good option as hacks however these bots are not able to deal with the real intelligence. They are easy to trick and eliminate. We believe that the hacks will have quite much variety since the game is very similar with the and there are dozens of hacks for that game. Let us know what do you think about this new game by leaving a comment.


  1. Respect2Glory Reply

    Having bots will kill the game. WHAT? Add more potions. WHY? I was on the server yesterday and the game was absolutely packed with worms. It took me 10 times longer to grow, just so that I had power to give chase. I died about 20 times and quit playing. Lesson learned; let the kiddos have the afternoons. The ADS sure didn’t help. So, the potion ratio needs to be increased to handle more users.

    • Agreed but u gotta kill the players before they kill you I’m SUP TANNER watch me play I’ll protect you check my kills my agility and my speed bro don’t give been a player for like 1 year boy I hit 44 billion limit reached there dude I’ll go over 10 mill then I’ll let you kill me dude the game can be HARD but never give up bro you won’t come far in life keep goin and you’ll reach the finish line someday just keep workin for it (P.S. players in the game want headshots it’ll bring them farther cover your head if you got incoming and if your circles twist agilely works for me) use these tips bro.

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